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Exports of agricultural products

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Exports of agricultural products

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Exports of agricultural products in the "high voltage" high growth

Capital economic and Trade University School of economics professor Wang Shaoguo 's proposal is reasonable, the government, enterprises and industry organizations should bear the responsibility, enterprise should form resultant force.Five fingers together called " clenched fist"."Fist" hard, dare to rise.

Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "Japanese " positive list system "implementation of a half year to date agricultural product export analysis report".The report concludes that the "positive list system" since the implementation of China's agricultural exports to Japan slowed, corporate profits decline, reducing the number of export ; export commodity structure has also changed, exports to Japan a large number of 72 kinds of goods in 44 decline in export volume, the 37 drop in exports.Reporter from seven consecutive years leads the country exports of agricultural products of Shandong entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of food management department learned that last year the Shandong agricultural exports continued to maintain high speed growth, but the increase in the number of foreign trade barriers, barriers from developed countries to developing countries and the detecting standard diffusion, more demanding.

According to the National Bureau of statistics analysis report shows, this year 1 to in February the import and export of agricultural products amounted to $10520000000, an increase of 24.8%, our country agricultural product import and export volume growth twin.Shandong Laiwu City Agricultural Bureau deputy director Tao Wurui told reporters that, since 2003, China's exports of agricultural products has been in adversity grows, although have suffered" abroad on China's exports of agricultural products set technical barriers to the average daily increase of a" tragic situation, but the United States, Japan, Europe and other major developed the state of our country agricultural product demand remains relatively strong, "growth" and "down" at the same time there is normal.Some are engaged in the agricultural product export enterprises in an interview, appear very helpless, "we have nothing to say, the international environment that, it says, hope the relevant departments of the state to give us more widen space.It is no way . "Capital University of economics and business associate professor Wang Shaoguo believes that China's agricultural products to enhance international competition ability to cope with the increasingly fierce international competition, the government, enterprises and industry organization will assume some responsibility.

Growth is still represent the general trend

Statistics show that 1 to 2 months of China on the three major economies of the agricultural products export growth rates were 63.8%, 13.7%, 61.6%, the United States and the European Union export growth rate of over 50%.Gardening, water seafood advantage agricultural products continue to maintain a rapid growth rate of exports.1 to 2 months in gardening, aquatic products, livestock and poultry export growth rates were 43.4%, 43.9%, 22.1%, this three kinds of big commodity belongs to labor concentrated model product, the developed country in higher production costs, our prices have greater competitive advantage.In recent years, developed countries fishery production is atrophic condition, and consumer demand continues to maintain growth, our country aquatic product aquaculture production and the advantages of using the way of processing trade, export growth momentum is powerful.While gardening products in our country was formed to garlic, apple juice, canned mushroom, canned tomato sauce, frozen vegetables, fresh apple as the representative of the product of a batch of fist, gradually improve the quality of products, and actively implement the strategy of market diversification, these products have also maintained a high growth rate of exports.

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