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Polish produce " a gilded signboard"

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Polish produce " a gilded signboard"

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Polish produce " a gilded signboard"

In December 8th, from Laiwu exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics show that as of the afternoon of December 8th, the city this year, exports to Japan, Korea, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asian countries in the ginger, garlic gross amounts to 127500 tons, goods is worth 131000000 dollar.Among them, ginger export 4542 tons, the value of an increase of 23.8%; garlic exports 123000 tons, goods is worth 94530000 dollar, than last year the corresponding period grow respectively 109% and 254%.

In Japan, the import of agricultural products to rigorous technical barriers to trade, our city ginger garlic and other food agricultural products is rising trend?The office of a staff member told reporters, in last few years our city to vigorously carry out the standardized production, the implementation of the export of food quality and safety of agricultural products demonstration area construction, the ginger, garlic and other products continuously improve quality, from production, processing, storage and transportation of circumvention of export trade technical barriers and create our own" a gilded signboard ", make the agricultural product export trade increases ceaselessly.

Held in November 17th exports of agricultural products quality safety demonstration area construction project meeting, vice mayor Ding Xiwen points out, our ginger garlic industry, as a " a gilded signboard" in agriculture has play a decisive role status.We want to "golden ginger" instead of " mud ginger ", is to use demonstrative area construction this golden opportunity, do do greatly fine ginger garlic export agricultural products brand, the quality is good, fundamental tamp, better stimulative farmer is added close, rural economic growth, let this " a gilded signboard" carry forward.

As a city of the main agricultural products and exports, the current city of ginger and garlic export is facing domestic and international double competition pressure, the situation is not optimistic.Internationally, the global financial crisis, in order to protect the national interests of farmers, food and agricultural products import settings had higher "threshold", implementation of a number of import and export trade restrictive measures on pesticide and heavy metal and additives to detect almost harsh situation, food import and export of agricultural products competition.In the country, both inside and outside the province many region through vigorous implementation of standardization and demonstrative area construction, the ginger garlic and other agricultural products quality and the brand continues to increase, the share of exports.In the face of this competition, I, ginger and garlic and other agricultural products should have why to serve as?Only one answer : change pressure into motive force, Polish ginger, garlic" a gilded signboard" quality to win.

Japan and the European Union market, has long been my food agricultural products mainly export field.In the face of increasingly institutionalized technical barriers, to make our city farming products in foreign markets to obtain high profits, must rely on progress of science and technology, technical innovation is particularly important.First of all, to accelerate our city green agricultural product processing and storage, transport and packaging areas such as technology innovation, in order to make up for the agricultural product production, processing and storage technology is caused by the loss.Secondly, should increase investment of agricultural science and technology, strengthen agricultural technical reserves, and energetically develop new and high technology, focus on the high yield and high quality and efficient agriculture based on the application of research and development, improve the agricultural scientific and technological content of products, so as to change produce backward in technology and low content of science and technology of the status quo, and constantly improve our agricultural product quality.Three we must adhere to the enterprise is bibcock, base rely on, standard as the core brand as a guide, the market as the guidance, to guide the agricultural product export enterprises in accordance with the standards of the importing country organization of export agricultural products, increase the advantages of market brand promotion efforts, and strive to improve the export competitiveness of agricultural products.

We see gladly, Levin as a city of ginger and garlic advocate produce a division, through the export of agricultural product quality safety demonstration zone construction, already 38 enterprises has access to 51 health registration certificates, qualification for export, ginger, garlic, potatoes, cabbage base 207 acres 170000; has 3 enterprises to obtain GAP certification, to ensure that the export of food agricultural products from all of the demonstration zone.At the same time the city has 12 enterprises to obtain ISO9000 certification, Laiwu ginger, garlic, pepper, green onions, Laiwu black pig and a number of brand-name products for the protection of registered marks of origin, and was listed as a world famous brand product, enhance the international competition ability of the product

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