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China agricultural product export break barriers

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China agricultural product export break barriers

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A, foreign on Chinese exported farm produce set new trend. Present barriers

From the ministry of commerce statistics showed that in 2004, the import and export of agricultural products in China totaled $51.42 billion, including 23.39 billion dollars of exports and imports $28.03 billion, all realize rapid growth in the past five years, a record. China is also the world's fourth largest agricultural products therefore become a trader, behind the us, the European Union and Japan later.

With the continuous growth of agricultural product import and export, match overseas for China agricultural product export set up barriers also presents the trend. According to the state department of inspection and quarantine statistics, 2003, foreign on Chinese exported farm produce the set of technical barriers on an average day, add an item. In 2004, the momentum continues unabated, increase the number of trade barriers, and at the same time, also from developed countries barriers to spread to developing countries, and more demanding inspection standard.

Shandong is the largest agricultural exports provinces, and agricultural products export amount accounts for about a quarter of the national, and covering the basic China agricultural product export of main variety. Press here before interview to realize, compared with previous years, 2004 years of China's agricultural product export abroad set barriers is showing three big new trend:

1, the higher the technical barriers to home

Shandong entry and exit inspection and quarantine supervision of food in ZhangYiBing senior engineer, said 2004 is foreign technology barriers in high-risk, especially Japan to our country frozen spinach repeated release, to export bans in April 2004 KaiJin again, is apart from the last ban for 13 months. He thinks, Japan to our country spinach take inspection standard conspicuously unfair. Japan will lose, in our country the frozen spinach chlorpyrifos inspection standard as 0.01 PPM; And for other than in urgent need of agricultural products has eased, basic requirements for 1 PPM, such as like but not turnip inspection standard as 3 PPM, and frozen spinach standards are nearly 300 times as is typical of trade barriers.

ZhangYiBing analyzed that plagued the country, the cause of the agricultural product export is common disease outbreaks and agriculture veterinary drug residue. And at present domestic animal and plant epidemic prevention system and agriculture veterinary drug residue monitoring systems are imperfect. First, although the country for much of the relevant laws and regulations, but in the process of operation, the area, the department or enterprise driven, there are many problems, pest control system is not sound. Second, our country agriculture veterinary medicine in the use and control, residue monitoring system, has not been set up nationwide coordinated monitoring system. Banned drugs on the market has sales, even some agriculture veterinary medicine composition unknown, farmers breeding farmers, and farmers in violation of the drug usually happens to export animal and plant source sex, food and agricultural products a huge threat. It is reported, the recent European officially banned 320 kinds of pesticides in the European Union, including sales in China are production, use and export of pesticides have 60 DuoGe varieties. Once again is the international on China's export food and agricultural products put forward a wide variety of health and safety requirements, and our country for food and agricultural products safety and health requirements are very few, if have also on low demand than international. These factors have become the China agricultural product export "soft rib".

2, the agricultural product export customs clearance after testing standards back even more critical

Still, our country lose frozen spinach, for example, according to agriculture department of shandong province chief economist liu also introduces, before a box for sip-blc has been authorized, frozen spinach to Japan for a week or so and can obtain clearance, but the present delay to 35 days. The reason is new Japanese original have no requirements of the material review. Japanese requirement, must be in addition to lose spinach of written materials that used to record from the export of planting to spinach each link details, and these is only customs clearance in China before the Japanese to judge whether frozen spinach eligible for inspection, doesn't mean materials are complete Japanese will check. The inspection and quarantine department thinks, a large number of additional labor to export enterprise increases the cost before each year, shandong export Japan's frozen spinach for 40000-50000 tons, but since July 2004 since the customs clearance, according to estimates in the year to July annual 10000 tons of exports are can not be achieved.

In addition, some other countries, such as the European Union, the United States in poultry products to our country for sip-blc has been authorized to switch after lingering, also do not make any explanation. But at present, and the does not adapt to the domestic enterprises in our country is a considerable portion of food and agricultural products processing enterprise still belongs to the management level is not high, production and testing equipment, ZhongYangShi base behind number in small scale, management is uneven, has its own base, purchasing enterprise less supply many, is difficult to implement effective supervision. Many of the export processing enterprise to food quality control ability is poor, and a great many enterprise no laboratory or existing laboratory technical force is weak, cannot guarantee the accuracy of the test results. Some of the export enterprises autonomy consciousness is not high, though some established product quality monitoring system, but in the interests of problem, driven by submits deceitful reports; Some enterprise quality consciousness, is left to chance, to succeed a calculate again.

3, developing countries began to set up trade barriers

Since August 2004, China has about 2500 tons of peanuts export to Algeria was in the border trade port, quality control and the anti-smuggling department to refuse to exceed the yellow aspergillus toxin entry. According to information, so many of the peanuts and real rare exceeds bid. At the same time, China's imported from Algeria to the peanuts yellow aspergillus toxin testing standards for the European import standards increase, and the European Union to China agricultural set a more obvious trade barriers to exports is peanuts, of our country export the European Union of peanuts main problem is yellow aspergillus toxin to exceed bid. According to international rules, human beings may be directly eat peanut yellow aspergillus toxin for a total of 15 PPP, the eu wants our export of peanuts inspection standard just 4 a standard quite harsh PPP,. Algeria is developing countries, according to statistics, 2000 years in China to export to zero, peanut, since 2001 in China's export growth; born jen In 2003, in 100 DuoGe import o in the countries listed in peanut sixth, 2004 years up to fourth. ZhangYiBing think, the peanuts been refused entry is probably because China's rapidly growing peanuts export shocks, the domestic market. At the same time, shandong department of inspection and quarantine remind, to our country, the peanut set barriers is easy to other developing countries follow suit, should cause the attention of the relevant departments.

In addition, since last year, still appeared abroad the production procedure and animal welfare as trade barriers, the United States is a SA8000 standard of authentication put intellectual property rights, labor interests and order hook, these have stepped up the difficulty of the export of agricultural products in China.

Second, green card action: from "deal with barriers" to "crossing barriers"

In the agricultural product export, face an increase in importing countries of technical barriers to trade and constantly improving quality standards, is to save for a rainy day, or passive exported agricultural products to keep prices stable and export growth play a crucial role. China's largest agricultural exports shandong province since early 2004, according to the international recognition of the good agricultural operations (good agriculture, hereinafter referred to as AD GAP) standard, the implementation of the "agricultural exports plan of action", and in the green card to realize agricultural products quality and yield ShuangZengChang at the same time, made the export amount, and efficiency of the double harvest, and preliminarily realized from the passive "deal with barriers" into the active "crossing barriers" transformation.

According to the agriculture in shandong province, deputy head of wireless, exported agricultural products introduced "green card action plan" is according to the local climate, soil and so on various aspects combining the actual situation of the importing country quality standards, and make a simple and easy with international standards of the agriculture standard operation, its backside is a set of perfect agricultural technical support system, at any time tracking foreign food quality and safety standards change in time to amend the GAP and the adjustment of the standard; Based on the export agricultural production base, the key is to purify the producing area conditions and strict management of agricultural production material; Therefore, the system must also have an agricultural production material quality security supply network; At the same time, we update the GAP according to change of agricultural production and export enterprises and farmers in time, so as to form the publicity and training a from the base selection, agricultural materials supply, production management to export transportation to the constant change of the operation of the standard.

Shandong laiwu city is exported agricultural products "green card action plan" the first pilot city, 2004 years ago, 10 months laiwu city agricultural product export to earn foreign exchange 35.8 million us dollars, up by 80.9%. Vice mayor laiwu city LiuJianLiang said, in addition to the number of the export growth, the exported farm products quality improvement in foreign exchange earning the increase in prices is also an important factor. And 2004 years ago is rather different. Laiwu city agriculture bureau from data show that, from 2001 to 2003, the laiwu city agricultural product export quantity the average annual growth of 60%, but export only grew at an average annual rate of 30%, which means that the same amount of product, the benefit is falling; From destination to see, export markets in developing countries grew at an average annual rate of over 50%, developed countries grew at an average annual rate of only 10%, this means that the product quality doesn't pass, the added value of the products is still low.

To change this situation the breach of the in where? LiuJianLiang said that in the past for agricultural products, the main focus on domestic general in quality control and inspection link, even if is part of standardized production of production for export base, its production standard is often domestic set for yourself, and the international standard not standards, leading to Chinese exported farm produce quality is not high, price "instead of", and frequently encountering technical barriers to trade. "Agricultural exports green card action plan" the biggest characteristic is to put the quality control standard arrives the pre-production and production links, and then realized the from passive to active "tackling barriers" "overcome barriers" revolutionary change. From the local government's point of view, it realizes from ask the farmer what kind of "to" training farmers "how the change of the government function, is in the correct position.

In this pilot, agriculture and WanXing laiwu city laiwu liberalization food processing Co., LTD, ginger, garlic, key responsible for nine of the standard test and crop was formulated. Reporters in the company to see only test base, ginger of pesticide residues early test samples were collected 29 times test sample of 867; After delay trial comparing after harvest GongPeng add tent nets cultivation way delay 19 days, ginger, you can increase the per 1288.6 pounds. Company general manager LiuJianZeng said, we implement the achievements of the GAP has been Asian food hygiene security control association as well as a number of foreign customers recognized, the export orders increasing. Because the quality, the price also rise last year than a substantial rise.

Laiwu city agriculture bureau deputy director of TaoWuRui said, "green card action plan" to realize the government, agricultural extension personnel, export enterprises and farmers with the multi-level; The government put a small amount of counterpart funds, personnel to agricultural science and technology enterprises to export production base for test base, help enterprise in increasing efficiency and, at the same time, gradually for the actual GAP suitable for local standard, make the basic-level agro-technique staff to realize "the dark from doing the experiment" to "aim at the market do the experiment" practical change--in agricultural science and technology "to" fall, real benefit to enterprises and farmers.

In boxing LongSheng food Co., LTD 2000 mu GAP test demonstration base, the reporter sees base has obvious around the isolation, waste treatment and recycling bins YaoXie warehouse and other supporting facilities. Each demonstration site has a eppo member, responsible for purchasing, keeping, sending pesticides and instructions. The international standardization guidance, makes the enterprise last year exports increased 1500 tons, export increase more than us $200.

According to information, shandong province "green card action plan" with 5 years time, set up to food, fruit, food and oil for the focus of the agricultural exports GAP standard system; Set up to 20 to 30 a GAP of the laboratory for key technical support system; Choose 30 agricultural exports, supermarket chain base county to establish the safe supply of agricultural production means form network system; Training and bring up a master of the regulation of the GAP entrepreneurs and farmers' team.

Shandong provincial bureau of animal husbandry foreign cooperation place, deputy director of the YangLuYong told reporters, 2004 first launched 12 kinds of shandong export large vegetable project, at present the 12 projects have been completed draft was expected this year, can meet the international convention on formal the GAP scheme.

YangLuYong said, the implementation GAP standard has three need to pay attention to link: one is the base must be standardized, facilities must all ready. Two is to test must be science, standard is simple and effective. Each species will need at least three different counties test, to ensure the suitability of the GAP; Standards to focus on the core, widely export-oriented "collection and research international quality standards, really find out the critical points in the production operation. Already in the domestic production practice and is widely used in foreign markets generally accepted mode of operation, should first absorb, avoid invalid, repeat experiments, try to make it simple operation easy. Standard Three is training to solid, and the proportion of project funds special use at the base, and work farmer training form and field training class teaching form combined.

Shandong province eppo station in LiMingLi think, shandong province of "green card action plan" special funds to finance the province, place and enterprise the 50% 20%, 30% and, matching the way to raise, 2004 a total investment of 10 million yuan. But because the regulations on the need to constantly test and inspection, the farmer training also need a large number of investment funds, were still struggling to make ends meet. Information collection, shandong "green card in operation of export products quality standards and and the change information mainly comes from customs, commodity inspection, ministry of agriculture, the Internet and etc, and some other DuoNian cooperation with foreign will also provide the latest standard of the importing country timely. Considering the shandong agricultural exports enormous quantity wide, in the collection, the feedback, research information advantages, suggest state to choose part exports of agricultural products, and high efficiency, big appropriate support.

In the long run, local and even the national agricultural departments shall actively strengthening and commodity inspection, customs authorities, in addition to strengthen the contact information for the communication, has been through the GAP of the enterprise, should strive for authentication of its implement inspection exemption, sampling, make the treatment such as "green card" real "green" rise, convenient customs, in order to improve the enterprises to participate in the "green card action" the enthusiasm.

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